In a quiet by-lane in one of the suburbs of Bangalore, a beautifully manicured garden provides the setting to a home for senior citizens. Called Augustine Nivas, it’s ably run by Sister Leena who has taken under her wing, over 150 residents to care for and look after. Read More

What happens when 12 artists from 5 countries in opposite ends of the globe assemble together in Delhi, India to live together for three weeks and try and tackle a deep rooted social and humanitarian issue and make art about it? Read More

Artists are normally considered as transgressors, non-conformists, misfits, and even separated as rebels among some spiritual circles. The “Church” is considered to be conservative and spiritual, so they do not have any role in matters of faith and holiness unless they make biblical-themed art or design posters for church events or sing and play popular gospel music at church. Today, many in the church believe that art has its legitimate purpose only when for evangelism. But is that the only purpose God has for arts and artists? Read More

An interview by Sunny Joseph.

It is said that you are what your gift is, however, I would say, your gift is what you are. As a uniquely gifted musician and singer what do you feel is your call in life? Read More

It is not too difficult to visualise holiness as an expression of love; but pursuit of truth and beauty do not quite appear to have anything much to do with love. Our failure to make the connection is unfortunate. When we speak of being made in the image of God, we think rightly of the spiritual, moral and volitional dimensions but we often miss out the creative, the aesthetic and the intellectual aspects. This paper is an attempt to bring out these three, somewhat overlapping aspects of the image of God in us and to show why they are required expressions of our love to Almighty God. Read More

Born in Dharbanga, Bihar, Josh grew up in rural U.P. and Mussoorie and studied English literature at St.Stephen’s College, Delhi. He is an artist, motorcycle enthusiast, and pastor of a local church called Fusion. Married to Asha he lives with his two children in Delhi, balancing his time between painting, leading New Delhi- NCR’s largest motorcycle group (3500 members), and pastoring a multi-cultural community of Christians who serve the city with the mission statement “I ♥ Delhi.”

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At Home Abroad

My feet may take routes on
but my head’s always been
in the same clouds,
native to every sky,
that drift like continents
roots in foreign soil
knowing no boundaries. Read More

An Interview with Berenice Rarig

Installation and performance artist Berenice Rarig lives and works in Perth, Western Australia. In this interview, she talks with Melissa Hause about her artistic development and her redemptive vision for contemporary conceptual art.
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Culture Care is to provide care for our culture’s “soul,” to bring to our cultural home our bouquet of flowers, so that reminders of beauty—both ephemeral and enduring—are present in even the harshest environments where survival is at stake. Read More

The morning papers came right on time, at 6.30. Just as I settled down on the verandah chair with my mug of black coffee, they fell with a thud on the floor. I picked up the bundle and opened The Assam Tribune first. I glanced through the headlines on the first page. They were mostly the usual fare. About the travels and speeches of the Chief Minister and the activities of the militants; an abduction here, a shootout there. At the bottom right corner was a small heading, ‘Christians prepare to celebrate Easter with religious fervour.’ I smiled to myself. I really can’t see how seemingly sane people can keep on believing that a dead man buried for three days could come back to life. Well, to each his craze! Read More

Jyoti Sahi is the most important Catholic Christian artist alive today and has been called ‘the theologian with the brush’1. In addition to writing three books on art, theology, and culture, his prodigious oeuvre includes painting, carving, wood-block printing, and architecture, having also designed numerous chapels and churches. He lives with his wife Jane and four of their five adult children in and around Silvepura Village, near Bangalore, where he founded an Art Ashram in 1972 and Jane runs an experimental school. Jyoti has also taught at the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology since 1979. Read More

It is not every day that a Caucasian music group, whose lyrics focus on the worship of Jesus, has the opportunity to lead a Hindu temple service. In 2007, my band, Aradhna (, was invited to lead the music and give a message at one of the monthly Sunday services at a temple in Virginia. Read More