Who we are

A community of artists inspiring all people to make art for the renewal of hearts, minds and culture.


We are a community of artists and creative catalysts dedicated to inspiring all people to engage their culture to create a more good and beautiful world. IAM presents lectures, performances, exhibitions, screenings, and workshops. Our programming and resources equip the creative community to generate good, true, and beautiful cultural artifacts: sign-posts pointing toward the “world that ought to be.”

We believe our reality is a broken and fragmented story in which dignity and value are stripped from humanity. Art and creativity, as universal languages, can begin to address this dehumanization. The world needs artists and visionaries to lead the way in seeing beyond the trivial to the transcendent, bringing synthesis to fragmentation, and hope to despair.

We are committed to:
  • Foster artistic & spiritual formation of an artist.
  • Encourage meaningful use of arts & stewardship of talents in the local worshiping communities.
  • Gathers creative community to wrestle with the deep questions of art, faith, and humanity.
  • Inspire creative community to make art for the common good.